The First 1,000 Days

Urban Strategies develops future leaders. We work with children, teens and young adults to cultivate the next generation of community change-agents.

Early Head Start 

We activate parents to be their children’s first teachers. Offering free childcare for children ages 0-3, our caring staff works with families to help them reach their goals.

Comienzo Saludable 

Based in Puerto Rico, Comienzo Saludable offers a caring network of community partners and resources for pregnant mothers and their families. We believe maternal health is the first step to a healthy community.

Protecting Children, Mentoring Teens

Urban Strategies knows the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are crucial for healthy development. If your organization is interested in investing in programs designed for children ages 0-3 and pregnant mothers, consider partnering with one of our programs.


Refugio provides shelter and services to unaccompanied children who have arrived in the U.S. by crossing the southern border. This program serves children 0-17 years old through 24-hour shelter services. While in our care, children receive educational, clinical, recreational, religious, and case management services until they are reunified with sponsors in the U.S.

Youth Development

Urban Strategies offers youth development programming that activates teens to identify and build healthy relationships. Our curriculums were made with Latino youth in mind and are successful because of our church and community partners committed to long-term youth involvement.

Future at Home

Future at Home activates emerging leaders in communities of promise within Central America’s Northern Triangle. In partnership with churches, the program recruits and mentors high-potential youth in a supportive community environment, provides a character-building and skills development program, and supplies college tuition to pave the way toward professional-level job placement and local impact.

Throughout the program and upon graduation, participants take part in transformative, community-based activities that equip them with skills to break the cycles of instability and irregular migration, as they contribute to a sustainable Future at Home.

A Healthy Foundation

Committed to working with the whole family, Urban Strategies has developed multiple community development programs that promote the health, well-being, and leadership development of adults and community leaders.

Iglesia Segura

Iglesia Segura is an abuse- and violence-prevention curriculum contextualized for the Church in El Salvador. The program equips local churches to cultivate a healthy culture by first raising awareness of power dynamics and then recognizing, acknowledging, and addressing abuse in their environments.

With the goal of producing more peaceful churches, homes, and communities, the Iglesia Segura curriculum equips 1) church leaders to be advocates for the protection of vulnerable people, 2) men to be confident allies, 3) women to be courageous accompaniers, and 4) youth to foster healthy relationships as they become cycle-breakers of all forms of relational violence.

Caminando Juntos

Our partnerships with pastors across the country make much of our work possible. Caminando Juntos improves the holistic wellbeing of and interconnectivity among a diverse group of Latino pastors, helping them lead healthfully, from a place of rest in God and within a community of supportive peers.

H2 for Success

H2 for Success connects opportunities with dreams by helping United States-based companies identify motivated and skilled workers from the Northern Triangle who are seeking work opportunities in the U.S. through the H2 visa program.

Through authentic relationships that begin with our community-based field partners, our team provides contextualized messaging and on-site recruitment events to help Salvadorans gain access to opportunities that provide economic impact for their families and communities.

The program partners with more than 50 community-based organizations (CBOs), 130 municipalities, the El Salvador Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and over 3,000 Salvadoran churches which form a network to effectively reach and process candidates seeking opportunities.

Urban Strategies, alongside these partners, has developed a recruitment database with over 400,000 applicants who are seeking to fulfill their dreams through a temporary, legal work opportunity in the U.S. through the H2 visa program.